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Marriage And The Mermaid (Hapless Heroes)

Marriage And The Mermaid (novel)

 Balthazar Wilson wants nothing more than to be married with children, but he can’t seem to find Miss Right. A visit to his widower father at the Wilson family’s historical homestead in coastal Queensland, however, quickly proves to Baz that he has more things to worry about than his own happily ever after! His wealthy father’s eccentric behaviour could be dementia, an innocent young blonde with no past washes up on their isolated beach looking for sex, the new cleaning lady is a kleptomaniac, an Internet scammer turns up with a gun to steal Baz’s inheritance, and the local cop thinks the blonde is a killer mermaid. When Baz’s ex-colleague Wynne Malone arrives to charm him, Baz isn’t sure if he wants to kiss her or have a mental breakdown.

Read Marriage & the Mermaid to find out if Baz does finally ‘get the girl’, and who survives that fateful weekend at Saltwood Manor.

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